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It’s never too late, even after 19 years

The last time we met, we were not yet even teens, just two starry-eyed children of 12 years old.

And that meeting was 3 years after I moved from the West to even further West (yes, Boon Lay) and had transferred away from Qifa Primary where Rouwen and I were classmates/ pals from Primary 1. That meeting, there were Rouwen, Christopher, Tinghao, Jinghan and I. Rouwen remembered she insisted on going even though it was the first day of her chicken pox (I think none of us caught it), and I remembered I almost missed if I had not returned home earlier in time to get the message by phone (not yet pager era).

Rouwen & Yanni + Jingheng (oh, and penguin!)

Fast forward 19 years later, we finally met up in Tianjin! It was wonderful playing catch-up: Me, a stay-home mummy with a cheeky boy, and her with a successful career and fulfilling personal life.

All thanks to Rouwen’s spontaneity and spirit of adventure. She zoomed from Beijing to Tianjin after her lunch meetings, then zipped back to Beijing that night to catch her next day’s return flight to Singapore.

A perfect Friday.