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Jigsaw Puzzles – I’m an Ace and she’s sane (for a while)

When I put on my personal mantra “妈妈抱抱靖恒” on repeat +1 track mode, mummy tends to get a headache and go crazy. Which, by the way, sounds really intimate to me, but I guess it’s more like noise to her.

This is when she breaks out her tricks from the bag:

  • Munchies: which I sometimes make a mess with, and mummy has to clean up. Plus the adults say it spoils my appetite. Sian
  • TV: which mummy tries very hard (but fails) to not cave in to. She scared I turn TV addict. But but… she also TV addict herself
  • Cars: useful once upon a time but fast losing appeal. Also require adult companion because I get bored playing them alone
  • Animal farm: I love my animal figures, especially when Ah Gong and Ah Mah keep adding to my collection. But I get bored playing on my own again
  • Balls: Give me a ball to kick anytime! But lately, the adults don’t seem to like my sweat drenching me from the exercise. Mummy will also have to change my shirt and have a hard time calming me down. Spoilsports.

Nothing seems to be right. Is that all to the bag?

Don’t underestimate mummy, she has more tricks up her sleeve (even when she wears a tank top). Ta da! Out comes the jigsaw puzzles.

They are perfect – There’s no food mess, I sit down quietly to complete them, I can play on my own (even though I do want her beside me when I do the 20pc puzzles, I am OK if it’s just physical presence, you know, show me some moral support). And I am getting very very deft with it.

(Note: I just woke up from my nap…)

Solved my brand new puzzles in 5 minutes! Not bad huh.

Mummy, I want some more!

What, no more? 妈妈抱抱靖恒, 妈妈抱抱靖恒, 妈妈抱抱靖恒, 妈妈抱抱靖恒妈妈抱抱靖恒妈妈抱抱靖恒妈妈抱抱靖恒妈妈抱抱靖恒…!