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红糟鸡 (Red Vinasse Chicken)

Finally savoured one of my favourite dishes yesterday at my aunt’s place – 红糟鸡. Only just found out the English name of the dish is “Red Vinasse Chicken”.


I used to be very turned-off by the bloody redness of the soup broth when I was young. Every ingredient, even my favourite mushroom that I eat in many variations, is bathed in red. Yikes. My mum had to specially prepare a clear chicken broth for me while my dad, mum, sis and grandma tuck in the red dish with relish.
God knows at which age I started to eat this (this will forever be a miracle to my mum), but definitely at least late teens. And thank god I learnt to love it… it’s the few Hockchew legacy left by my grandma that I hope to preserve.