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Predator vs. Prey

Anyone who has hung out with Little Boy knows he loves animals. He’d probably choose animals over cars and trains (although he told me “我要全部” when I asked him to choose one) and pretty much goes around every where with some toy animal in his hands.

He can differentiate many animals, and knows the names in English and Chinese. Do you know sealion is 海狮? He even knows warthogs (that’s a level 2 pig to me!).


I am a warthog! (with my biscuits hehe)

Also watches enough Animal Planet, National Geographic to know the concept of eat and be eaten:

  • ”狮子不吃草,是吃斑马的“
  • “豹吃鹿”
  • “狮子追牛,追elephant,追giraffe”
Just the other day, he got a little bored playing with his animals, mass grouping them migration-style, and set to work at this:

Watch me classify my animals! Train tracks are the grasslands...

He clearly knows who the predators and prey are: –

Mummy, look LOOK! 里面是草原,外面的动物不可以进来!(Animals outside cannot come in to eat the animals inside!)

And himself? With the prey! HAHAHA.



By the way, the photos don’t do credit to his animal collection. He has way MORE. Courtesy of mummy (I bought him his first animals, that’s all), paternal grandies (countless of animal sets from the neighbourhood stores), maternal grandies (most memorable for Little Boy is his first set of Lego animals), daddy (second set of Lego animals) and most recently, 姨姨 (third set of Lego animals, from Japan this time).

Let’s see how big his zoo/ animal farm grow.


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The WHY series – of tigers and ears


(看着我)妈妈 唱两只老虎给我听

两只老虎 两只老虎
跑得快 跑得快
一只没有眼睛 一只没有耳朵。。。


(愣!)哦… 因为… 因为它放在家里忘记带出来!(说后自己觉得答案好烂!)


(愣!)哦… 因为… 因为它没吃饭 没吃菜 记忆不好… (palm to face T.T)

(伤心脸)为什么记忆不好?为什么呢?为什么没有耳朵呢?为什么…. (翻过身)为什么呢… 为什么…

(努力想个合理的理由…) 啊… 因为它们用手遮住耳朵遮住 所以没有眼睛没有耳朵

(翻身望我一眼) (再翻身)zzzzz



How long? 2 years 7 months, already?

Most mums I know always have the answer at the tip of their tongues. “Oh, he’s 28 months now” or “She’s 19 months coming to 20 already!”. Excellent, mummies.

A colleague told me once that when you become a mum (or mum-to-be), you will naturally start counting kids’ age in weeks and months. Not me leh. I’m still very lost when telling you how old Jingheng is now in months, especially when he passed the 1 year mark.

Now, I know it’s perfectly fine to state it in Year + Months format, but heck, I even have problems with that. I simply cannot remember “how long” stuff. (The hubby will attest. He is always springing me sudden impromptu quiz of important dates, e.g. “How long have we been married?”. Er, I gotta count leh. Then he gives me the evil I-caught-you grin. Stop testing me lah!). So I pretty much gave up and been telling everyone since start of the year, that he’s 2.5 years.

Now thanks to cousin Edlyn (check out her blog ;, she’s an excellent writer), I found Lilypie (look right to the sidebar), and it tells me instantly – JINGHENG IS 2 YEARS, 7 MONTHS, 1 WEEK AND 6 DAYS OLD. Wohoo!

So, pardon me if I whipped out my iPhone to check my son’s age for you next time, ok?


At 2 years, 7 months, 1 week and 2 days old: Son, fyi it's the first shot you wanted me to take of you. You said - Mummy, 拍我


At 2 years, 7 months, 1 week and 3 days old: I-don't-want-bedtime look. Papy says you look very cheeky.