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DIY: Label cables/wires with bread tags

My kettle wire identifier

Smart and simple! Pity I can’t remember where I read this from.

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Before & After: Streamlining Scarf Storage | Apartment Therapy Boston

I’ve just got to try this now because I finally installed the Press This bookmarklet to iPad after googling and scouring through all the info on the JavaScript to get it up!

This is a pretty creative way in which Tara makes use of space unused/ unthought of to organize one of the many accessories we girls have, and looks pretty stylish too. Plus, it’s easy and inexpensive too.

ingenious and stylish use of unused space behind doors

I can imagine myself hanging up the different scarves I use during winter. Sure beats draping them lifelessly over the Ikea hat stand we bought for stuff like that. Boy, this is sure to motivate to buy and use even more scarves!