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DIY refashion: No sew ribbed back tank

So exciting.

Read too much refashion blogs and tutorials to actually feel confident to make my own clothes. Although I’m far from successful when it comes to making clothes from scratch, refashioning with scissors is more doable.

I updated this old tank top yesterday, ripping it with my scissors while Jingheng was napping.


My very first t shirt recon! I think it’s quite nice (haha!)a although it’s not my usual style. At least it’s and I’ll wear it now rather than let it lie in the cupboard.

Note to self:

  • Cut thicker strips next time. I’m not sure if the strips can survive the normal machine wash now.

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DIY Craft: No Sew Pincushion

While figuring out the bathrobe, I re-appreciated the importance of using pins to keep fabric from running all over the place.

I was garang, well actually lazy, enough to try sewing with guiding the fabric with just my bare hands for the first step. Needless to say, the next step was extra – rip out all the threads, hunt for the pins and re-sew everything again.

My Home Econs teacher (anyone remembers her name?) will be happy to know I made solid friends with the pins again.

If you use pins, you need a pincushion.

Living mainly out of a few luggages in Tianjin (most of our stuff are still stored in Beijing), I just have the basic necessities with me and a pincushion definitely is a luxury. I do have one in the warehouse, and I certainly do not want to buy another replicate. Nor do I want to sew one if I can help it.

Googled and found many pretty and girlish DIY pincushions, but require sewing. Yikes. Then I found some no-sew options on Instructables, yay! There’s a No-Sew Cupcake Pincushion, cute but too cute… and then there’s this:

 by The Spotted Fox

Very quaint! Very creative, ingenious, no need to sew, use up your cloth scraps (yay, I can use the towel scraps) and best of all, really really really idiot-proof.

Yanni's No Sew Pincushion

The ingredients: Rubber band, toy cup, cloth scraps.

Rubber band, Jingheng's toy inverted as a cup, bigger scrap of cloth to wrap up all the cloth scraps for the inside

Bundle the scraps into the middle of the bigger cloth, scrounge and tie up to look like fried wanton, invert the wanton and pop into the cup. Done!

I love shortcuts!