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Cough: Home remedy with ya pear

Too much info stuffed into a brain with too little memory (I need a memory upgrade!).

Need to start documenting all the food remedies, food facts, illness facts etc I’ve picked up in the past 2 years growing up with little boy, otherwise I keep asking myself the same question – What to do ah?

Here’s my first file, since I need to share with Eve too.

What do I do when the little one coughs? with phlegm?

This is a simple food remedy recipe I learnt from a friend who’s also a Chinese physician, using 鸭梨 (ya pear)  and 川贝 (fritillaria) powder. I like it because the little one also like it because it is sweet and taste like dessert. Doesn’t hurt that the hubby likes it too.

FOR: Cough with/without phlegm. Also to 润肺 (I see it as the general well-being of your lung).


  • 1 Ya pear (DO NOT remove skin)
  • 5 g 川贝 powder (can purchase in the powder form in TCM halls)
  • Cut off the top of pear, and put aside.
  • Remove core of the pear with spoon and add 川贝powder.
  • Cover pear with its cut-top like a lid, secure with toothpicks if necessary.
  • Steam over low fire for 30 minutes, or until 川贝powder turns transparent
  • Consume whole pear and 川贝, including the pear skin which is effective for treating cough.
  • Treating coughs: Eat 1 pear a day for one week
  • General health/ lungs: Eat 1 pear once a week
鸭梨 originates from Hebei province, China and looks like this:

Ya pear

Read here for more info in Chinese. You can get this in NTUC if in Singapore, most supermarkets if in China. Unfortunately, I don’t find it as commonly available as other pears from China.

Just read googled that 雪梨 (snow pear) is also useful to treat coughs and phlegm, so I guess it’s a good substitute for the ya pear.