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Tumbling with the balls

Mummy brought me to tumble in these small balls before, but I didn’t really like them. The immense quantity. Two I can handle with finesse, four easily, six pretty fun. But a whole tub of them, no no. Maybe they appear larger than life because I was still a puny baby with lotus roots arms.

I must have grown up because they seem smaller even though they are so many of them. And they make such wonderful cushions for falling onto! I grew more and more confident as I lunged into them from further distances!

More balls please?


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Post-breakfast Play Collage II

Putting an app to trial. Same bath of photos different collage layout


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What we did tonight

A short night out to Jurong East on bus and train for acupuncture, dinner and Jingheng’s favorite – The Library! Instead of books, Tonight, he was enthralled by the fairy tale castle.


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Bonding with Carmel

Hanging out by the gate

Jingheng don’t meet up with his cousins that often because we are away from Singapore most of the time, so he’s not really close to them. But I guess he must still remember them from somewhere in his mind because he warmed up to Carmel really quickly, and soon forgot about the adults and just hung out with him.

Carmel was really sweet – he specially brought a bag of toy cars to share with Jingheng who of course didn’t let go until they were distracted by other toys.

It is really true kids learn from one another the fastest… I copy you you copy me. See how he follows Carmel’s lead.

Near the end of the visit, they were good friends, sitting by the gate. Kor kor even rescued 弟弟’s shoe!

(Operation Rescue Shoe was not filmed because camera woman had to oversee Kor kor’s rescue attempts.)

Now Jingheng remembers and can call Carmel kor kor.