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Can’t help but to feel pampered…

Guess where?

Treat yourself to dimsum if you got it right – This is the ladies in the famous restaurant, DingTaiFung  (鼎太丰) in Tianijn!

Isn’t it wonderful! I took a step backwards, literally, when I first opened the door. I thought I had walked into a gym shower room. I mean, why else were cotton buds and 好迪 hair gel there?

There’s even a girlie chit chat corner on the right (not featured) with a 3-sided sofa surrounding a coffee table. There’s still more behind me: A cooler dispensing hot and cold water. So nice when you have just relieved yourself 🙂

DingTaiFung has won several culinary awards in China. I hope someone award them for the Best Mary in Tianjin/ Beijing. This would be a star-rated toilet if judged by our toilet gurus, Restroom Association in Singapore.

In case you are wondering why the big deal, just remember that it is still very common in China to find standing toilets with peeing holes in the ground. Yes, even in the malls and office buildings.

Just a quick touch on their food: DingTaiFung here serves pretty good xiaolongbao, I love their 四喜烤麸 and they have really yummy tau sa pau – the red bean paste is smooth, not overly sweet and melts in your mouth. The paste even tastes surprisingly good in glutinous dumplings, the Chinese-preferred sweet version of our savoury 粽子. Happy dumpling day, it’s coming!