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Cheng reunion dinner

Reunion dinner this year is special – we have a new addition to the family Mr Dominic Yibin, and mummy Mengting is still in confinement period manned by Mdm Long.

So we ventured away from the usual this year. Instead of the annual hotpot affair, we argued that fixing dishes would be less time consuming than all the cutting and prep for hotpot. So the prep began.


Someone small was caught in the act pinching roasted pork before dinner!


Someone small also fought with daddy to tear open a hamper! Well well…

Dinner wasn’t bad but the conclusion was – hotpot is still the best because we can all huddle around a soup pot for a long long time.

So no more newborns and confinement mummies during next CNY k.

Happy new year Mah Mah, we hope you like the handcrafted Ang pow flowers this year!