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DIY Refashion: Toddler Towel Bathrobe

Nothing throws ALL your worldly possessions in your face as much as house moving does. After Freecycle-ing, recycling, packing, storing and throwing away mountains of  papers, books, clothes, soft toys, souveniers, what-nots… I’m exhausted. How can I have so many things?!

Time for some artsy stuff to relieve the tension.

I’ve been searching high and low for a bathrobe for Jingheng to use for swimming. The ones you find in Singapore are too thin for the winter weather here; the ones here in the Tianjin stores or Taobao are either too ugly or too expensive.

SO! I decided to make one. From an old towel. Tada!

Jingheng's new "Hogwarts" bathrobe - refashioned from an old blue towel. Yellow trimming cut up from the kitchen apron Jingheng refused to let me wear

I have been reading too much refashion tutorials and blogs to actually dare to feel confident I can make it. The source of inspiration for the robe is from (1 hour) Summer Beach Robe Tutorial by Brandy.

It sure took more than an hour. Took me good half a day in fact, but I think I’m wonderful that it is actually completed *Pat on back*! The last time I seriously maneuvered a sewing machine was when I was 14 and sewing the absolutely-I-will-never-ever-wear-it-it’s-hideous culotte (gosh, this must be an extinct fashion word) for Home Econs.

Thankfully, my tiny sewing machine didn’t break down from punching the needle through the thick towel fabric.

My bro-in-law Aloysius said it looked like “Harry Potter robes”. I think it’s more like a priest robe. You can decide for yourself. Here’s the little boy trying it on:

Little one prancing in the both the unfinished and polished versions of the robe. The belt is too low for him now, but lazy mummy is NOT going to unsew and resew the straps. He will just have to grow into the robe.

He wasn’t really keen about it. Holding it up I asked:
你喜欢吗? 不喜欢。
可是,是mummy做给Jingheng的。*After 5 seconds of thinking* 我喜欢。

I’m not hurt. I’m still in yaya-papaya land 🙂