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Be flat-out impressed with Flatout Frankie cardboard toys – Babyology

Totally agree with the writer that flat-out toys are music to ears. (see here)

You would when you are constantly on the move – flying from city to city, changing homes even within one city – with a young child in tow. Flat and compact, flat-out toys are blessings to your home organization and house moving.

Flat-out oven

I like Flatout Frankie’s cardboard creations. Sturdy, stylish, realistic and very playable! Quite environmentally friendly too. My fav is the Little Cook above, but I guess Jingheng’s fav would be Little Aeroplane.

I used to feel bad and guilty when i was still a freshie mum and little boy was still little, because, as he moved from place to place with us, we didn’t dare acquire too many toys. It’s either a packing hazard for the adults or he would already own one at place A but not in Place B, C or D. while big flat-out toys won’t solve my problem, smaller handheld-sized versions would be very portable. My wish list.

Of coz, you might say I could simply craft them from cupboard boxes myself. Sure I can, but ugly lah. Sore to my own eyes.