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Viridian Art House

Last Feb, was at the opening launch of Viridian Art House, an art space opened by a dear friend Chyi Yun and 5 of her artist friends. It showcases their art work which are also for sale, offers art classes for both children and adults, and boast a cafe with a relaxed ambience.

I like that it is located at the base of Fort Canning, and you get a nice cozy artistic corner in the midst of lush greenery where you can also sip coffee and chat with friends.

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If you are like us and wondering what Viridian meant, it’s artist jargon for a shade of green. Pretty much like how Pantone assigns a number for each colour for printers, but artists use words instead. They use their right brain more heh. I only remember cobalt blue from my water colour paints in school!

Not sure if all the 6 artists favours the colour Viridian, but it sure reflects its location 🙂

Chyi Yun is one of the few who has tenaciously held on to her passion for art, from since I knew her when we were just 12. Art is part of her interest, hobby, life and work, and I admire her for her unwavering perseverance to make art work for her, which we all know is not easy-peasy in Singapore. She’s always an inspiration to remind me to not forget the things I love in life.