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Dancing to 圣诞 Ho Ho

Although it can be very trying spending so much time with big one at home, especially when he’s in his devilish moods, it is nonetheless very rewarding to watch him grow up day by day.

His class is currently practicing a dance routine for the “grandmas and grandpas” at a nursing home next week, and we failed to lure him to dance for us. But as you never know with kids, he offered to do the entire routine after watching a video of the song. Thus I spent a very enjoyable half hour on Tuesday, watching and filming him dance at home, and he absolutely tickled himself watching himself on video. In fact, it spurred him to go crazier with each take and replace the proper moves with his own free style interpretations.

Here’s Take 2. A not-so-crazy version where some proper actions are still visible.

Well, dear, maybe our 星爸星妈 dream is possible afterall. Hoho!

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A New Record (Not to Be Proud of)

The new Singapore past time – tracking the PSI like the stock market. Thanks Sumatra for helping us to reach a new high today, once again.

Every PSI unit is a photo filter

What used to be the norm, now a rarity

However, because of your hot beds, my house smells like it’s on fire; I can’t open my windows so my aircon is on 24/7 and my bills will skyrocket; my head and eyes and nose and my babies are suffering; and I’m easily irritable.
So, I would really appreciate if you would be a man and own up to your mismanagement, focus on cleaning up your act and preventing future mess, instead of pointing fingers.

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My first giggle

My first giggle is for…. Daddy! He’s very happy, especially since most of our firsts are with mummy and he only sees it via video.

Daddy, it’s an advance Father’s Day gift!

I was pretty exhausted with giggling by the time mummy started filming. So 0:20 was my best effort, hehe! I promise more next time ok?